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Footpath protection

The right of the public to walk in the countryside is very precious to us. Ramblers was formed to campaign with the purpose of winning and protecting the rights of way (‘footpaths’) that we take for granted today. Oxfordshire Ramblers helps to keep our footpaths walkable in several ways, outlined below. You’ll find details on other pages in this section.

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 Some of our members are voluntary footpath officers who assess and act upon submissions to the County Council for footpaths to be created, diverted or closed.

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Many of our members are volunteer parish path wardens. They keep an eye on the state of their local footpaths, reporting problems to the County Council.

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Some of us are volunteers in Oxfordshire Ramblers path maintenance teams. We do battle with the 3Bs – blackthorn, bramble and briar – and other vegetation that grows over and through our footpaths.

 4 Vale Path Volunteers with volunteers from Ramblers central office Nov 2015. Photo by Jim Parke

Last, but not least, there’s you. Why not take your secateurs with you when you go on a walk? Snipping back a few inches of the 3Bs will not only improve your walk but also that of those who follow. 

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6 Milton 3 Group


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Professor Sir J A Muir Gray, CBE, FRCPSGlas, FCLIP is the President of Oxfordshire Ramblers. Find out more under the ‘walking’ tab, then ‘health walks’.

Professor Sir J A Muir Gray, CBE, FRCPSGlas, FCLIP is the President of Oxfordshire Ramblers. Find out more under the ‘walking’ tab, then ‘health walks’.

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